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Durable Waterproof Flooring in Pittsburgh, PA

Waterproof Flooring in Pittsburgh, PA

Are you tired of spills and stains ruining your home’s flooring? It can be difficult to maintain clean, comfortable living spaces when accidental spills are destroying your floors. Inevitable splashes from spilled drinks, cooking mishaps, and even plumbing problems can leave you feeling hopeless. However, you don’t have to settle for water-damaged floors when our showroom is around.

Instead, bring home enduring waterproof flooring in Pittsburgh, PA, and discover the difference this revolutionary option can make in your routine. Waterproof floors are changing the way our clients go about their home maintenance routines by preventing water damage from the start. And, with so many different options available at our showroom, it’s easy to find the style that suits your home.

Explore Flooring Options

Visit our showroom to explore a wide variety of waterproof floor materials. You’ll be able to take a closer look at unique colors, textures, and patterns of different waterproof products, and talk with our design team about your goals for your home. Contact our staff today to learn more about each type of waterproof floor product we carry, or stop by our store to browse options from COREtec, Shaw, Mohawk, and Downs.

  • Waterproof Vinyl Flooring: Vinyl flooring comes in so many different styles that it can be difficult to choose just one. However, now you can enjoy waterproofing benefits with any vinyl product you choose. Whether you prefer the look of natural stone, wood, or marble, you’re sure to find something suitable when you explore our extensive vinyl flooring collection.
  • Waterproof Carpet Flooring: When it comes to carpets, many of our shoppers don’t think that waterproofing is possible. However, thanks to innovations in flooring technology, we’re proud to offer carpet products with thick, water-repelling pads. You’ll never want comfort or efficiency when you bring home one of our unique waterproof carpeting options.
  • Waterproof Laminate Flooring: Laminate is known around the world for its practicality; however, only recently has it gained a reputation for water resistance. Find finances-friendly options at our showroom, as well as colors and patterns that flatter your living spaces. Our showroom staff is also happy to provide recommendations based on your personal design preferences.

Ask About Installation

After you’ve chosen your preferred waterproof floors, be sure to ask our showroom staff about installation options. Waterproof flooring requires a professional touch, and without help from a capable crew, your new floors may not stand the test of time and water as intended.


Contact us today to learn whether waterproof flooring is right for your needs. We serve residents of Pittsburgh, PA, and surrounding areas.

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