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Hardwood Flooring in Pittsburgh

Hardwood Flooring in PittsburghUpgrade your home with hardwood flooring in Pittsburgh, PA. Make floor replacement your next home improvement project and get the results you desire. Turn to the trusted team from our local flooring store for exceptional selections of engineered, solid, and hand-scraped wood. We also offer professional hardwood flooring installation to ensure you are perfectly satisfied with your new floors.

Countless Flooring Options

The natural beauty and durability of real wood flooring make it the ideal surface for any room. No matter what you have in mind in terms of style or price, you can depend on us to help you find a wood product that satisfies your needs in looks, performance, and price. Choose from a variety of species including:

  • Acacia
  • Ash
  • Birch
  • Elm
  • Hickory
  • Maple
  • Mora
  • Oak
  • Pine

Oak flooring is a time-honored classic. Planks from this type of hardwood are tough and long-lasting. Oak wears well despite heavy foot traffic, offers a beautiful grain, and takes stain well. This means you have choices in color that range from light to natural to dark.

Solid vs. Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered – Now in higher demand than ever before, engineered wood is a strong and durable choice. The unique design of these planks consists of three to four bonded layers, which feature both real wood and resin. Topped with a veneer of real wood, engineered floors offer the same look and texture of the solid planks you prefer. Engineered planks are less susceptible to wear and tear. Even in areas with high amounts of humidity, engineered won’t warp or swell. This makes it ideal for placement in spaces like the basement, bathroom, and kitchen.

Solid – Select traditional hardwood floors for a classic appeal. We are proud to offer hardwood collections and lines from some of the leading brands in the industry. No matter what option you choose, you can rest easy knowing that its high-quality design will continue to satisfy far into the future. From trendy hand-scraped hardwood to high-end glossy planks, we carry something for everyone at our location. Whatever solid plank you choose can be refinished later to revitalize its appearance and extend its lifespan.

Parquet Flooring Design

Make a stunning impact with parquet flooring. Pieces of wood are strategically arranged in geometric patterns, creating a unique look and distinctive appearance. Different types of wood can be used in the assembly for a visually appealing result.

Professional Hardwood Flooring Installation

Ensure your floors satisfy far into the future with professional installation. Rely on trained technicians e to get the job done in a timely manner. From pre-installation design to post-installation cleanup, you can depend on us to deliver satisfying workmanship every step of the way.

Confidence Plus Warranty

Feel confident in your new hardwood floors. This warranty covers all the 4-Star and 5-Star rated floors from our inventory. If you choose one of these hardwood options and decide you aren’t in love with it within 30 days of the initial installation, we replace the floors with a similar product at no extra charge.


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