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Uncover the Magic of Lasting Beauty

Embark on a journey to unveil the secrets behind maintaining the everlasting charm of your brand-new carpet. Our guide is your go-to companion, filled with friendly advice on cleaning tricks, care hacks, and easy-to-follow maintenance strategies. We're here to help you make your carpet stand the test of time while performing at its best. Plus, dive into detailed warranty information that's easily accessible for your reference.

Refer to your specific warranty for customized cleaning instructions. Regular cleaning is recommended every 12–18 months, with some manufacturers having specific maintenance requirements—find details in the warranty. 

Flip to page 37 for our Cleaning Log, your trusty sidekick in tracking care routines. Keep those receipts snug for that extra dose of lasting peace of mind. And if you ever find yourself pondering a carpet conundrum, reach out to your local store. Your satisfaction is our top priority—because we want your home to feel warm, welcoming, and wonderfully carpeted!